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BLACK BOX SHORTS: COMMUNICATING CONTACT: June 21 & 26, 2019 Edinburgh International Film Festival

Primarily a vision machine, film is also a medium of sensuous communication, drawing us into the experience of surfaces, textures, movement and gestures. The works showcased here emphasise tactile engagement and the spaces between objects, each revealing a different form of material contact. From old film announcements and processing labs, postage stamps and money printing technology to the perception of landscapes and bodies shifting through spaces, this is a programme of multiple layers and intensities. [PG]

• ALTIPLANO Malena Szlam/Canada, Chile, Argentina/2018/16 min • Churubusco Inventory Elena Pardo/Mexico/2019/7 min • Hotel Bardo Stanley Schtinter/UK, France/2018/10 min • Lumen Richard Ashrowan/UK/2018/3 min • Mensch Maschine Or Putting Parts Together Adina Camhy/Austria/2019/8 min • Philately Pam Minty/USA/2018/2 min • Starts Wednesday David Leister/UK/2018/2 min • Total Commitment Lars Koens/UK/2019/4 min • Water and Clearing Siegfried A. Fruhauf/Austria/2018/5 min • Wunderschein Guillaume Cailleau/Germany, New Zealand/2019/14 min

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