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Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival / July 13…/20…/competition/experimental/4/…

Moscow International Experimental Film Festival / July 13 & 14

Syros International Film Festival / July 20…/09/siff-2019-capturing-nat…/

Comprised of three programs, this film series examines magic as a form of agency. 'Preparation Rituals' explores magic as performance and performance as control of oneself or others. 'Black Magic Cannot Cross Water' presents four constructed iterations of group ritual. And 'Stones Have Laws' presents two works of shared-ethnography in which the Saramaccan Maroon people of Suriname enact how they live within the forest—amidst rocks and rivers—demonstrating their procedures for consulting ancestors, gods and forest spirits.

Featuring work from Conor Bateman, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Malena Szlam, Mont Tesprateep, Lonnie van Brummelen & Siebren de Haan, Kevin Jerome Everson and others.

BLACK BOX SHORTS: COMMUNICATING CONTACT: June 21 & 26, 2019 Edinburgh International Film Festival

Primarily a vision machine, film is also a medium of sensuous communication, drawing us into the experience of surfaces, textures, movement and gestures. The works showcased here emphasise tactile engagement and the spaces between objects, each revealing a different form of material contact. From old film announcements and processing labs, postage stamps and money printing technology to the perception of landscapes and bodies shifting through spaces, this is a programme of multiple layers and intensities. [PG]

• ALTIPLANO Malena Szlam/Canada, Chile, Argentina/2018/16 min • Churubusco Inventory Elena Pardo/Mexico/2019/7 min • Hotel Bardo Stanley Schtinter/UK, France/2018/10 min • Lumen Richard Ashrowan/UK/2018/3 min • Mensch Maschine Or Putting Parts Together Adina Camhy/Austria/2019/8 min • Philately Pam Minty/USA/2018/2 min • Starts Wednesday David Leister/UK/2018/2 min • Total Commitment Lars Koens/UK/2019/4 min • Water and Clearing Siegfried A. Fruhauf/Austria/2018/5 min • Wunderschein Guillaume Cailleau/Germany, New Zealand/2019/14 min

Program links:…/black-box-shor…/06-26_17-00…

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