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A to Z in Ontario                                                 *   All screening programs curated by Oona Mosna








Sailboat, Joyce Wieland, 16mm, 3:00, 1967


"A day at the Beach, at the Sea, at the Sky and at the Sailboats." – Michael Snow


A&B  in Ontario, Joyce Wieland & Hollis Frampton, 16mm, 16:00, 1967-84 


A&B in Ontario was completed eighteen years after the original material was shot.  After Frampton's death, the film was assembled by Wieland into a cinematic dialogue in which the collaborators shoot each other with cameras.


Trapline, Ellie Epp, 16mm, 18:00, 1976


"(T)he film both reasserts the presence of natural cycles against the rigid structures of a building and re-articulate how even the solid image is made up of particles that can quickly dematerialize"– Chris Kennedy   


Four Toronto Films, Nicky Hamlyn, England, 16mm, 19:00, 2007


In 2007 I completed a six-week filmmaking residency at the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto. Before leaving the UK I made an elaborate work plan to realize a project consisting of a suite of twelve, fifty-second long, single-take, 35mm films, to be shot at a set of equidistant locations based on a circular sweep around the city. The films were modeled on, and intended to celebrate, those of the Lumière brothers, whose original films were of the same length, in the same format, and consisted in large part of “views”. After arriving in Toronto, and having spent a few days grappling with the intricacies of blowing up Super 8 and 16mm to 35mm, (m)y efforts to plan ahead had left no room for a flexible response to the character of the locations. There followed a few days of mild panic. What would I do?... 


(F)our Toronto Films explores ideas about framing, centred round the attempt to find a necessary correspondence between the facts of the camera apparatus; fixed, rectangular frame and aspect ratio, and the work's subject matter. A related idea concerns the figuration within the films of the manner in which the camera creates its own pro-filmic. To this end, there is a more or less recurring theme of frames within frames.


Three of the four sections were filmed in, or within a stone’s throw of, the house in Toronto where I stayed (sidewalk, window, back lane). The fourth section was made at Koshlong Lake, near Haliburton, about 100 miles northeast of Toronto.


Fish Point, Pablo Mazzolo, Argentina, 16mm, 6:00, 2015


Shot at Fish Point Provincial Nature Reseave on Pelee Island, a significant resting point in North America for migratory birds. Made with material gathered while the artist visited Media City FIlm Festival in 2013. 

Oona Mosna

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